by Anarah

The Root Chakra is located right at the very base of the spine, and its main function is to help us to feel connected to the Earth and to our physical body.

This Chakra holds the information about our bodies, money / security, family genealogy, social backgrounds and tribal histories.  In essence, it contains our genetic make-up – at the physical level (i.e. body characteristics, health and wellness, ability to make money) and the mental-emotional level (i.e. family patterns, unresolved family issues).

The 1st Chakra is associated with the color red.

At this point I would like to discuss the color system attributed to the Chakras.  It is widely believed that all Chakras are linked to a certain color i.e. the Root Chakra is red, the Heart Chakra green, etc.  The Chakras are considered to correspond to the various colors of the rainbow (ROYGBIV – going from 1st to 7th Chakra).

In my experience this is not the case.  My interpretation of this is that the “rainbow color system” for the Chakras represents an ideal state for human beings, i.e. one where man and nature are perfectly balanced and harmonious.

The energy and vibration of each Chakra, including the color, contributes significantly to the corresponding layer of the aura, i.e. the 1st Chakra creates the 1st layer of the Aura. Just as there are seven Chakras, there are seven distinct layers of the Aura.  As you may know the Aura can change color and this is because the Chakra system is not a static system – it changes and shifts all the time.  (We may have a true Aura color but this will be discussed in another blog.)

So when you work with / visualize your Chakras, my suggestion is not to impose any color on them.  Instead, see or feel what color the Chakra is vibrating at in that moment.  This may be incredibly freeing and fun!

Ok, back to the 1st Chakra description.

When the 1st Chakra is clear of obstructions we feel secure, grounded, stable, strong and healthy.  Often there is an ability to easily manifest material goals.

If the 1st Chakra is blocked, unbalanced or even damaged, it will be reflected in our physical reality with recurrent health problems, weight issues or elevated anxiety / fear.  Also, this block can manifest itself in recurrent moves (homes) and different jobs.  Generally there is a sense of not being at home or feeling like the outsider / unwelcome.

Survival consciousness pertains to the infant stage of life, so 1st Chakra issues are likely to occur for those who were abused or those who were abandoned or felt abandoned during their childhood.

Signs of a blocked Root Chakra are lack of discipline or focus, dependency on others, eating disorders, feeling spacey or vague and an inability to relax.

Signs of a Root Chakra that is too wide open are high levels of attachment to the physical level – body image, health, physical appearance, money and possessions.  Alternatively, this can manifest as people being stuck in routines, patterns and / or habits.

For those of you who feel grounded and secure, are healthy and fit, and have stable homes and jobs – congratulations! You likely have an open and well-balanced 1st Chakra.

For those who have identified situations in your lives that suggest an imbalance in your 1st Chakra, do not despair. It is possible to change the existing vibration and to re-balance the Chakra.  Through the course of the 7-part series, I will offer some guidance on healing ourselves through working with the Chakras.

As a first step for now, you can begin by having an intention to heal the Chakra, to transform it.  In my work I have seen first-hand the power of intention so please do not underestimate this step.

If you are able to visualize, begin to see your 1st Chakra as healthy and whole, and imagine it spinning in a clockwise direction.  This will ensure the energy is moving and that the blocked energy is being released.