Seven Day Candles and their colors are associated with the chakras. They can be used to enhance meditation and well-being in the areas associated with their color. This is particularly true if you are just beginning your visualizations. You are reminded of the positive things you want to bring into your life by seeing the different colors.

Uses of 7 Day Candles

For finding a pure, gentle, unconditional love and now. Also used when concentrating on Spiritual Healing

For Pure Energy, creative and physical. Releases Passion, Power, Energy, Sexuality. (Root Chakra)

Used when visualizing more Creativity in sex. It is a stimulating color and related to healing energies. This is healing for sudden losses or changes. (Sacral Chakra)

Used to visualize greater intellect and will. Good when concentrating on creative endeavors. Said to increase psychic awareness and clairvoyance. When trying to expand your imagination, this is a good color to concentrate with. (Solar Plexis Chakra)

Used when you are concentrating on finding prosperity, money, and attracting wealth to yourself. Also used by some when they want to concentrate on getting married, have a time of good fortune or getting pregnant. (Heart Chakra)

Used to concentrate on health, self-expression, peace and tranquillity; and greater understanding of those around you. (Throat Chakra)

Used to stimulate extra-ordinary awareness (psychic powers); Comfort that this has been a color associated with Dignity, Spirituality, and Success it’s vibrancy attract people to it. (Third Eye Chakra)

For higher awareness, protection (from the material plane). Used for Centering yourself because your not distracted by color; Used most often in Meditation for inner peace, Spirituality, and attaining a higher power. (Crown Chakra)

For protection from physical harm. Good when meditating on the end of something, such as relationship, death of a loved one. Believed to stop negative thoughts and remove confusion. (Crown Chakra)

Used to achieve perfection, wealth, success, longevity, immortality, spirituality. It is the most powerful healing color. Used for overcoming chronic conditions and addictions.