Selecting the crystals that you work with can be done in several ways. Many people like to choose the stones that they feel drawn to but they can also be chosen through using a book detailing their healing properties. Visualization and meditation can also be used to ask for help in selecting the correct crystals. If during the selection process you are shown or feel a connection to a particular color rather than a crystal type this can also be used to help you.

To assist in chakra balancing, The Chakra Shack offers aura photography that shows which chakras are imbalanced.

One simple way of working with crystals is to carry them with you. This can be in a pocket or bag, or if you prefer jewelry that incorporates crystals can also be worn. Do not forget that crystals will need to cleansed in the sun with selenite. In some cases simply holding a crystal for a few minutes can allow you to benefit from its powers and so if you are using crystal healing for a recurring issue it can be very beneficial to have them close to hand at all times.

A second method of using crystals to work with the chakra is to lay them directly on the area of the chakra you are working with.  Lay comfortably somewhere you will not be disturbed and place the crystals over their corresponding chakras. Relax in this position for 20-30 minutes, visualizing your chakras being balanced, before removing the crystals.

Crown Chakra

AMETRINE (purple/yellow): Stimulates intellect, clears aura, releases blockages, astral projection

ANGELITE (light blue): Angelite is a stone of heightened awareness. It gives protection in the environment around your body.

BOTSWANA AGATE (grey/pink): Fertility, sensuality, artistic expression, stomach problems, repressed issues

LEPIDOLITE (light purple): Despondency, stress, transition, restructures and reorganizes, assists in birth and rebirthing, business pursuits

QUARTZ (clear): Amplifies energy, power stone, facilitates sending and receiving information, healer, transforms thought into sound

SELENITE (clear/milky white): A white crystallized form of a gypsum. It expands the crown chakra and makes a clear connection to your higher self

Third Eye Chakra

AMETHYST (purple): Increases spirituality and psychic abilities, promotes inner peace, relieves headaches, addiction, great healer

FLUORITE (purple/green/blue): Brings order to chaos, concentration, discernment, assists in relationships between individuals & groups

LABRADORITE (green/grey/blue): Clears, balances, protects the aura. Promotes clarity of inner sight & discovering your destiny.

MOONSTONE (white, tans, peach, blue): Vibrates to moon energy, new beginnings, hopes and wishes, confidence, fulfilling destiny.

SUGILITE (purple/pink): Major love stone, reminds the soul of its purpose

CHAROITE (lavender): Helps overcome fear, stimulates analytical thinking. Improves sleep.

Throat Chakra

BLUE LACE AGATE (light blue w/ lighter stripes): Arthritis, happiness, tranquility, miracles

CALCITE (blue): Calming to mind & emotions. Clears emotional areas

CHALCEDONY BLUE (light blue): Assists one to speak his/her mind. Promotes new ideas. Absorbs and cleanses negativity

KYANITE (blue): Attunement stone.  Aligns chakras, meditation, psychic opening, dream recall, problem solving, confusion

LAPIS LAZULI (blue): Psychic power, truth, wisdom, total awareness, dream insight, protect from psychic attack, hearing or ear problems

SODALITE (blue w/ white): Learning, intuition, diabetes, stone of wisdom seekers, thyroid, endurance, sports, dispels guilt and fears

Heart Chakra

AMAZONITE (light blue/green): Aligns the physical & astral bodies, good for health maintenance

AVENTURINE (green w/ gold flecks): Gamblers stone, wealth, creativity, career success, realizing potential

CHRYSOPRASE (minty green): Self-expression, balances yin/yang energy, new ventures, powerful healer, mends broken hearts, business success

GREEN MOSS AGATE (green w/ blue): Prosperity, success & abundance, compatibility, friendships, fertility, healing, self esteem

MALACHITE (green): Money, business success, fertility, releases negative experiences, pilots stone, vertigo, arthritis, broken bones

RHODONITE (pink w/black): Calms, self-confidence, tact, inner growth, choices, heals old hurts & relationship issues, finds romance

Solar Plexus Chakra

CITRINE QUARTZ (yellow): Prosperity, merchants stone, abundance, strength, generosity, creativity, digestion, memory, clears aura, dissipates negative energy

JASPER (yellow): Deflects jealousy. Helps build confidence. Protects and clears body of toxins.

PYRITE (gold metallic): AKA fools gold, an excellent energy shield and overcomes feelings of inadequacy.

RUTILATED QUARTZ (clear to brown w/inclusions): Heals and balances the aura, dispels interference from the physical or spiritual plane, bronchitis, nursing mothers, sexuality, eyes, blood vessel

TIGER EYE (brown, yellow, blue): Protection, clarity, empowerment, will power, protection when you travel

TOPAZ (brown): Create happiness and friendship. Releases tension. Promotes openness

Sacral Chakra

BRONZITE (golden brown): This is a protective, grounding mineral that is used to restore harmony and self-confidence in situations where you feel overwhelmed or powerless

CALCITE (orange): Helps open up new energy pathways creating movement in stuck areas. Integrates your bodies & facilities communication

CARNELIAN (orange): Energy, creativity, individuality, courage, memory, past life recall, find good mate, dispels negativity from other stones, actor’s stone

CORAL (red/pink): Helps support marital life, defeat mental depression, protect women from widowhood, stop nightmares, aid meditation and happiness

GOLDSTONE (glittery goldish brown): Gently uplifting, mildly helpful to solar plexus chakra to reduce stomach tension protects power center of the body

SUNSTONE (yellow/orange/red): A joyful, light inspiring stone. It also increases self-healing powers and promotes harmony among the organs functions

Root Chakra

BLOODSTONE (green w/ red spots):Purifies blood and detoxes liver, kidneys and spleen.  Regulates blood flow, and benefits all blood rich organs in lower body

GARNET (deep burgundy): Health, commitment, abandonment issues, stimulates kundalini

HEMATITE (grey): Pulls pain, legalities, balance & focus, promotes gathering of like-minded people

OBSIDIAN (black): Increased immunity, changes luck, facing buried issues, transmutes emotional blocks, removes disorders and changes energy to white light

RHODOCHROSITE (pink w/white stripes): Love, balance, healing earth energy, and assists in dealing with avoidance & denial

SMOKEY QUARTZ (brown): Serenity, calm, positive thinking, depression, fear, turns wishes and dreams into reality, hypnosis