Alexandra Nazarian

Alexandra Nazarian
Energy Alchemist/ Medium

Through Alexandra’s journey to find “herself” and her desire to seek inner peace, she discovered a gift which she believes comes direct from the Divine. Since her youth, she has always felt her intuitive/empathetic side to be on point.

For the past 3.5 years, Alexandra has spent most of her time fully opening herself up to the spiritual world. After spending 2.5 years practicing Kundalini Yoga, she began to feel a deeper change within.  Everything started to fall into place. She spent time learning more about crystals – (as a gemologist of 16 years, she was never taught the spiritual meaning of gemstones and crystals) and with that knowledge she uses crystals during healing. Through meditation, her ability to heal others became a part of who she is now. She believes that the Universe has given her the strength and ability to heal through the Divine and this has become her true calling.

Alexandra- mostly known as an Energy Alchemist and Medium, treats people who suffer from both physical pain and emotional blocks. She has a great amount of patience to truly listen and help those who are in need. Alexandra will not only help heal you from your problem(s), but will give you guidance and solutions to live a happy and fulfilling life. During the energy healing session, Alexandra will communicate with the spirit guides and will relay any important messages that need to be given to the client.

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