Astrological Report

Every living organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field, called an Aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects your State of Mind, Body and Inner Being. Every color has a different Vibrational Frequency and is associated with various chakras or energy centers in your body. Your Aura Colors are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being.The Colors of your Aura are neither good nor bad, superior or more spiritual than another. Every color has a polarity and unique representation relating to the individual.

The Astrological Report System

The AURA VIDEO STATION is an Interactive Multimedia Biofeedback Computer System based on the principles of Biofeedback, Color Psychology, Energy and Mind Body Knowledge. The AURA VIDEO STATION uses Biofeedback Sensors to measure, analyze and process the biofeedback data of the energetic and activity levels of the client. This bio data is then correlated with specific emotional-energetic states and displays accordingly on the screen. This VISUAL IMAGE (AURA IMAGE in full color and in real time motion) which appears on the Computer Monitor is a representation of your bio-energetic field, emotional-energetic State, Personality Type and Wellness
The key factor is the correlation of the measured bio-data with specific emotional and energetic states (displayed as a colorful aura and chakra activity).

The AURA VIDEO STATION has been developed over the last 10 years by Johannes R. Fisslinger, author of “Aura Imaging Photography” and “Aura Mastery”. Inspired by his years as a therapist in Europe and India, he felt a need for exploring the subtle energies of the human body, mind and spirit. His ability to combine ancient knowledge, intuitive sciences and modern multimedia technology and develop easy-to-use and educational products is essential to the success of this powerful technology. Over the last 5 years Interactive Aura Video Systems have been used by hundreds of health practitioners and business owners worldwide. ‘Biofeedback’ the technique of making unconscious or involuntary bodily processes (as in heartbeats or brain waves) perceptible to the senses in order to manipulate them by conscious mental control (Webster’s Dictionary) or exploring the subtle energies of the human body, mind and spirit.

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Astrological Report Fee Schedule

  • Aura Package #1
  • $2500
  • Complimentary Aura Headshot Print
  • Aura Color Verbal Analysis
  • Full body Aura-Chakra Print
  • 5 Sheets of Analysis
  • Aura Package #2
  • $4500
  • Complimentary Aura Headshot Print
  • Aura Color Verbal Analysis
  • Full Body Aura-Chakra Print
  • Personality Profile
  • Bio-feedback Graphs
  • 20+ Sheets of Analysis

Astrological Report Parties

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