Amaya Victoria

Amaya Victoria
Renowned Healer; Channeler for Isaiah and the Group; Visionary for Higher Law and Spiritual Teacher

Since I was a young child, I have been able to see and communicate with spirit. If I had been born into a village or a tribe, the elders and medicine people would have taken me from my parents at a young age, initiating me into the ways of great “medicine.”  I have been trained in the indigenous ways, yet my true initiation came through my life experiences, honing my gifts deeply.  I am someone/something this place has not seen in a very long time.  My life is dedicated to the welfare of the people.

I have had the honor and privilege in the last 35 years of my life to teach, heal, and help many people become whole again, individually and in groups. I have a deep connection and love for the earth and her healing properties.

Using my abilities to open the portals of energy from the heavens, I direct this energy for the purpose of your freedom, helping you bring about great change.

Join me in an individual session, or in a group, class or workshop. Let’s together bring the creation of our prayer to manifestation on this planet.  Community calls us, so get your tickets out; the train is leaving the station. Let’s go! I am eager! Are you?


*Channeling:  (by appointment only) 275.00 per session               *Workshops
*Heartspeak Healing: 225.00 per one hour session                      *Classes
*Shamanic Healing: 250.00 per one hour session                         *Group Channeling


“There is a magnificence shining in each of us. This magnificence is eternal. This is our birthright, for magnificence is within all things large and small.”  –Amaya Victoria

Call For Appointments:
Chakra Shack (949) 715-6930

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