Lorena is an Intuitive Energy healer trained in the shamanic realm through the guidance of Amazonian Shipibo and Andean Q’ero, shamans of Peru.  It was through her own quest for deep soul healing and overcoming personal challenges that prepared her for the commitment to the shamanic path and paved the way into non-ordinary states of consciousness facilitated largely with sacred master plants that required dietary restrictions and other disciplines of body and mind.  It was through this profound journey that she began to channel energy through her hands, as well as channel sound, which acts as another form of vibrational healing.

As a natural-born Empath and Intuitive, she has always been sensitive to the energies around her.  Fifteen years ago, she developed a strong mediation practice to help heal her life, and it was during one of these deep states of meditation that she started channeling Spirit, which later opened to clairsentience, and a few years ago, she likewise became a Reiki 1-2 initiate.

Healing sessions are conducted using her hands, as she scans the body to locate where healing is needed and, like psychic surgery, this powerful divine energy clears the blocks of stress or past trauma that is stuck in the body.   Clients are fully clothed, lying on a massage table, and healing sessions include some form of intuitive insight, guidance and/or channeled message from Spirit.

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