Rev. Melissa M. Wallace, owner of Universal Core Wellness Center LLC, is a 2X Cancer Survivor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach, Ordained Minister, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Counselor and Akashic Records Gate Keeper. Melissa specializes in stress management, creating healthy lifestyles inside and out while having a gift for working with Children, Cancer Patients, Animals and Spiritual-Departed Loved Ones.

Melissa combines Reiki, a form of healing touch energy medicine, that transforms physical, emotional and mental energy patterns with intuitive messages and guidance. An ancient form of energy medicine, Reiki, is used in hospitals and clinics around the world to help assist with Wellness. The Japanese word Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”.

Relaxation and Meditation, Chakra-Aura and Energy Balancing, Shamanic & Past Life Regression, creative visualization, positive affirmations and fostering self awareness are woven into all of Melissa’s healing and spiritual counseling sessions. At the end of a session, many clients find they have greater clarity, a sense of well-being, and renewed energy to bring needed change to their lives.


“Be Happy & Be Well” ~ Namaste


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Session Description Price
15 mins Pet Reiki &
Angelic Messages
30 mins Reiki or Chakra
Clearing Only
60 mins Reiki with Essential Oils
& Intuitive Reading
60 mins Life Coaching $180
60 mins
Shamanic-Reiki with Essential Oils, Extractions, Past Life & Intuitive Reading
90 mins Any Reiki or Shamanic Session $270
90mins Any Session & Akashic Records
– Life Agreements
90 mins Life Coaching & Medical Intuitive Reading $300
Packages Price
4 Pack 60 min Shamanic-Reiki or Life Coaching      ($100 Savings) $620

Fridays 10am – 3pm & Saturdays 12pm – 8pm

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