Stacy Pendleton, owner of Ancient Seed Sound Healing, is a sound healing practitioner who studied puja and Sanskrit chanting intensively with a South Indian Shaman for many years. She has been guiding others toward finding their authentic voice as a singing teacher for the past 18 years. Her desire to be of greater service and help others in a deeper way led her to begin her sound healing practice 5 years ago. Stacy uses essential oils, bells, Tibetan singing bowls and her voice to balance the chakras, clear blocked energy, release past trauma, remove obstacles to emotional and spiritual growth, relieve anxiety, and align you with your higher self. Stacy’s intention is to facilitate clarity of purpose, lightness of being and inner peace in a supportive and nurturing environment.

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Session Description Price
15 mins Sound healing, clearing-energy balancing $35
30 mins Sound healing session $75
60 mins Sound healing session $135
Packages Price
4 Pack of 30 minute sound healing
sessions – 30 mins
($300 value)
4 Pack of 60 minute sound healing
sessions – 60 mins
($540 value)

Wednesdays 10am – 3pm

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