Alexandra Lojek

Alexandra Lojek is clairvoyant reader and quantum healer that specializes in past and present psychic readings, energy healings, chakra balancing, removing negative blocks, karma clearing, life path readings, and deep inner work to help you align on your path. Alexandra also specializes in a quantum hands-on-healing modality that is an extensive energetic clearing of the 12 body systems, which includes clairvoyant communication on the energy that was released. Alexandra’s focus is on bringing more clarity about your life and personal challenges as well as letting go of unwanted aspects of yourself into more awareness to make room for your authentic self to come in. Alexandra connects with your higher self and your personal team of higher guides in a safe contained sanctuary in all her sessions. Alexandra is also a spiritual coach that teaches her clients techniques and modalities to strengthen their own psychic abilities as well as other gifts.

Alexandra is also a minister of Universal Life Church, and a master clairvoyant reader and master healer from Intuitive Healing Arts extensive studies program. Alexandra Lojek has received her Bachelors at University of California in Ethnomusicology in 2005, focusing primarily on indigenous music systems and healing practices of music.