Alisha O’Byrna has been highly intuitive and visionary since her childhood. Raised in a traditional Catholic family she learned to keep her experiences to herself and felt very isolated from her family.

When she was 11, it was her maternal grandmother who was able to help her understand her gifts and mentor her. She shared her own experiences in the spiritual realm. This was a life changing event which allowed Alisha to value and accept being different.

In adolescence, she perused books on spirituality and mysticism. She began to study past lives, auras and astral projection, developing her own natural abilities.

As a young adult she met a parapsychologist involved in past life research and palmistry. Over twenty years of study bestowed the the benefit of his sixty plus
years of knowledge and experience. These studies furthered her understanding of metaphysics and influenced her decision to become a certified hypnotherapist.

Shortly thereafter, she became acquainted with Marcelina De Lorez the owner of a metaphysical bookstore “The Chela” in Dana Point, California. She taught
classes on psychic development including the Tarot, Palmistry, and Dream Interpretation. These classes continued for many years creating a strong bond between the
students that has continued through the years.

“My intention and Purpose is to help others gain clarity and strength in connecting to their Soul’s Purpose” Alisha O’Byrne