Athanasia Medenas is a Shamanic Healer who utilizes her ancestral Greek heritage to help you navigate your most difficult challenges. Using her psychic abilities and intuitive gifts, she connects with your higher self, spirit guides, ancestors, and power animals to clear away negative energy from your physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual body systems.

Athanasia identities the nature of any imbalance your may have between Mother Earth and the four elements (earth, water, air and fire). Treating and caring for your highest and best good, Athanasia provides communication on how to bring about harmony and balance into your life.

Athanasia is a certified Clairvoyant Reader and Clairvoyant Hands-on-Healer from the Intuitive Healing Institute located in Anaheim, Ca. Studying and developing her skills as a psychic and a healer, Athanasia spent years in this school harnessing her powerful gifts to fully align all her readings and healings with the Divine Source of the Universe. Athanasia offers a wide variety of Clairvoyant Readings including reading your aura, your chakra system, past lives, your life path and communicating with the dead. Providing clear communication and thorough description is a specialty of Athanasia’s that she attributes to her specialized training.
Energy Healings:
This Energy Healing session will jump start your body’s sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to homeostasis. By allowing and receiving the flow of healing energy by Athanasia, your system will restore the balance and flow of energy throughout your body, mind and spirit. Some people who have received an Energy Healing session with Athanasia have reported their alleviation of chronic pain and physical ailments.

This technique works directly with the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your well-being. It is used to treat pain caused by physical tension, discomfort and trauma as well as emotional and mental suffering.

Sessions are available over the phone through Athanasia’s direct ability to work in the Quantum Field.

Energy Healing specializing in clearing financial blocks, romantic relationship issues and fertility problems.

The benefits of this session are:
Chakra Alignment & Balancing
Aura Cleansing & Cord/Attachment Removal
Revitalize Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System
Spirit Being Extractions & Removal
Restoration of Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Energy Healings Length: 60 min.
Energy Healings Price: $180