Durga Magnetta is a Medium, Intuitive Channel, Author, Reiki Master Teacher, and Empowerment Guide.

Her personal mission to offer sessions and classes that promote clarity, healing, personal empowerment and authentic expression so others can live their lives to the fullest.

In the year 2000 she was trained to develop her intuition studying under Sandy Anastasi who is an internationally renown Psychic Channel. Sandy is also known for training John Edward of the hit television show Crossing Over. Durga started work as an intuitive reader and medium that same year, building a worldwide clientele.

Perceptive liberation and emotional freedom became an intense study over the next 10 years. She became certified in level II Amrit Yoga, finishing several courses of advanced studies. Today she combines her intuitive abilities and the science of Yoga to free people from perceptive restriction. She has helped people all over the world find peace and improve their lives. Her deepest desire is to live in the freedom of her authentic self and help others do the same.

Intuitive Reader
These unique one-on-one sessions help others to gain perspective about his or her current circumstances and relationships. This helps give them the confidence to make more informed decisions.

Psychic Medium
These sessions bridge the communication between people and his or her deceased loved ones. This helps to gain the peace of mind and the knowing that though they are physically no longer with them, they are still around in spirit.

Energy Healer
Helping others to release the spiritual energy blocks that get in the way of his or her health, wealth and happiness.