Julie is an Intuitional and Inspirational Communicator as well as a psychic. She aids her clients by interpreting messages from the Spiritual Dimensions through the means of tarot and a pendulum. She is an Empath and a Medium. Though she will not seek to call those who have passed to come before us, she will convey the messages to their loved ones should they choose to appear during a reading. She delivers insightful, clarifying readings in order to aid one with focus in his or her life, career goals and other aspirations.

Julie’s journey in this lifetime has been one of diversity in situations and vocations. Her experiences, along with her gifts, are combined with her openness in order to create comfort, understanding and trust among her clients. Integrity to her Guides, Angels and other Divine souls is a must, therefore her readings are straight forward and yet interlaced with a humorous and kind delivery.

Tuesdays 11am – 3pm

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