Kevin Mallet

Kevin Mallett began studying the tarot in her freshman year of college. She credits a reading she received with saving her life.

We all have questions as sojourners through life. Kevin’s intention is to assist others toward greater self-realization and trust in divine wisdom by using her cultivated understanding and intuitive gifts.

Tarot is an ancient intuitive practice of interpreting symbols on cards to facilitate a conversation with the wisdom of the higher self (a.k.a. – divine wisdom).

The language of the soul is more easily understood by archetypal images and symbols rather than words. Today, there are literally thousands of card decks. All decks (including angel cards) are based on the ancient tarot. In addition to reading the classic decks – Waite-Smith, Toth, Mystic and Morgan Greer, Kevin’s favorite decks are the Osho Zen Tarot, Angel Healing and Oracle Cards, the Welsh Arthurian Tarot, Yoga Tarot, The Goddess Tarot, Sun & Moon Tarot, and Motherpeace Tarot. Although based on tarot, each deck has its own unique art, layouts, and interpretation. Kevin has done hundreds of readings for people all over the world She continues to rely upon the tarot to assist her as she navigates her own path through this wonder-filled mysterious life.

Kevin studied art history and applied art at university in Virginia and completed further studies in Tibetan arts and culture. For over 20 years, she has studied and practiced various esoteric arts: Jungian archetypal psychology, crystal and music energy healing, Vedic and evolutionary astrology, numerology, tarot, and Aryuveda.

Kevin is a 500hr. Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and a graduate of Core Dynamics International Pilates Teacher Program. She teaches individuals and groups in yoga, meditation, and tarot for personal transformation. She also enjoys writing, leading, and facilitating sacred ritual circles. She completed her master tarot studies in 1996, and is a member of several tarot societies.