Laura Gugliotta

Laura Gugliotta’s beginnings in the holistic world began in 2014 thanks to a personal healing process where she learned how to heal herself from Hypothyroidism, a disease in which doctors told her she had no chance of recovery. It is from that moment that she found her passion for natural life, meditation and spiritual
connection, combining service to help others in their path of healing.

Since then Laura has studied various healing techniques and has participated in workshops, courses and spiritual retreats in different parts of the world, such as: Reiki Healing, Theta Healing, Hoponopono, Yoga Teacher Training, Ovarian Breathing, Spiritual Retreat of Dreams, Aura Reading , Akashic Records,
Meditation of the Roses, Angels Course, Energy cleaning of spaces, Shamanic Circles, among others.

She has worked with different teachers and colleagues on spiritual and personal development projects. In 2016 Laura opened her first Holistic center in Buenos Aires, which she was running it for 1 year. In there she fused her organization, administration and creative skills into a center dedicated entirely to Healing the Spirit through Guided Meditations, Healing Circles, Yoga Classes and personally assisted over a hundred people in their individual evolution and healing process in the format of personalized Holistic

Since November 2017 Laura has been based in California, United States, where she provides online Spiritual Coaching and Healing Sessions for everyone from all over the world in Spanish and English.

Laura also reads auras, whereby through a meditation she sees symbolic images, colors and perceptions of a person’s energy field.