Lisa Najjar

International Medium, Psychic, Psychic Matchmaker, Author & Speaker, Lisa works with celebrities & world-renowned teachers. She’s a frequent guest on radio shows across the USA. Her popular book Dying to Tell You: Channeled Messages from the Famously Dead is a collection of channeled messages from celebrities & famous historical figures who share wisdom from ‘the other side’. Lisa is the Intuitive Consultant & Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary What If? The Movie, and creator of What a Fool Believes, a spiritual/comedy tv series. She offers events & private consultations world-wide.

As a gifted Medium, Lisa connects with your guardian angels, spirit guides, & departed loved ones, sharing precise, heartfelt messages for peace & well-being. As a psychic, Lisa can give you a roadmap to your vest future! Her ability to tune in brings clarity & insight in areas of love, career & soul path.

Single & looking for love? Let Lisa play matchmaker! She will assess your readiness for love & help you attract the mate of your dreams. Presently dating? Lisa can tap into your potential can-di-DATES and share Spirit’s guidance. Come with questions & an open heart!