Past Life Healing Guide/Spiritual Intuitive

Originally from Wellington, New Zealand and coming from a background in Christianity, Maryanne first learned how to listen and be guided by Spirit/Holy Spirit during her teenage and young adult years and had a profound connection.  That association increased and expanded out further over the years into the understanding and development of energy healing techniques, always with a particular interest in relieving emotional pain and suffering.   Maryanne received a spiritual calling, to do special work, but without specific information, and she said, “yes.”  Very quickly she began having mystical experiences and was able to hear from souls that have crossed over to the other side. They would come to her during meditation, usually with messages of encouragement, and she was asked to deliver such guidance to respective loved ones on earth.

Maryanne has over twenty (20) years of experience receiving intuitive messages, currently utilizing past life healing techniques (regression/card readings) to unblock and help clients in the present.  She further utilizes non-hypnotic regression techniques for clients interested in reviewing old lifetimes to improve their current situation. For clients that want a quick overview of past life patterns and how to resolve them, this can also be achieved (in most cases) with one of several Oracle Card Reading sessions.

Other tools/modalities include: Energy healing, energetic cord cutting, soul retrieval, soul contract clearing, vow clearing, energetic heart healing, etc.

Most clients walk away with a better understanding of what their soul is up to in this life, bringing greater clarity, space and well-being.

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