Raven Wolfe

Raven Wolfe is a gifted medium with over twenty years of experience, She
works with spiritual guides, ancestors, angelic realm energies, power totems and Light Bearing Ascended Teachers in order to connect you with the answers that you seek from beyond the veil, from higher realms that will assist you in transforming, protecting, guiding, and bettering your life.

Raven Wolfe has years of hands on experience with apparitions, elementals, banishing negative energies, facilitating cleansing and spiritual healing , and is adept at uncovering and removing Past life or Karmic blocks to progress

She has been on LAs Most Haunted as well as Ghost Adventures

She has a deep passion and comprehension of all things paranormal. The paranormal has been part of her life since birth. Deeply drawn to her since she was a child, she is not afraid to tackle mysteries. She uses her gifts only to help others to understand and to accept or to deal with the Other Side. our alter ego World of Shadows and Light.

She performs personal or structural cleansings, seances and has been told that she is a powerful Channel.

Raven is known far and wide for her talents and her gifts in service to Others. She has worked with the military and in searching for missing persons. She is here to Enlighten and to Assist.