Rev. Diana has been working as a professional Psychic/Medium for over 10 years. Diana’s ability to access other realms (while being able to see, hear, feel and know) was apparent since early childhood, and through the guidance and study with the worlds best known mediums, she has developed her own style of working and teaching all with a sense of humor and delivered with love. Her style of reading is accessed from cards, channeling and reaching through the veil with mediumship skills.

Diana has been trained, tested and certified as a medium through the Spiritualist church. She has then stepped into the roll of teaching mediums in the traditional Spiritualist way of guiding them in their growth though a development circle and leading intensive workshops. She is a certified hypnotherapist, workshop leader, motivational speaker in churches from Santa Barbara to San Diego, flower reader, ordained minister, Rieki Master and successfully using a healing modality of identifying and shifting a persons thought patterns and then taking that pattern out of their energy field.

Wednesday 10am – 3pm

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