Sarah has been blessed with intuitive gifts since childhood and often saw events before they happened. It wasn’t until she became a yoga and meditation teacher in 2007 that the extent of her gifts manifested. That quickly set her on a path of pursuing the Healing Arts. She became certified in a specialized form of intuitive energy healing called CCH which focuses on removing negative imprints in the physical, mental and emotional body.

While working closely with the higher worlds in this fashion, Sarah was introduced to the Akashic Records. The records (understood as the vibrational history of our soul) create a framework for revealing hidden truths by way of patterns and soul journeys. Sarah’s Akashic readings provide loving, comprehensive insights into human choices and challenges that pave the way for deep healing, a peaceful heart, and calm mind.

Sarah is also the co-founder of H2 Life Products (@loveh2life). H2 Life makes stylish intention stickers for water bottles that combine sacred geometry with positive affirmations. Her mission through H2 Life and as a spiritual guide is to raise the vibration of people and the planet in a joyful manner. The records play a major role in her business and the creative endeavors of her clients.

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