Tracy Ahearn
Whispering Guides
Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Reader, Medium, Clairvoyant

“My Guides and your Guides meet in my readings to create a roadmap into your own self  –  your self-empowering strengths and qualities –  will be called forward and honored .  Your Guides will show your path to you and how to claim it.   All  self-defeating programs that may be working in the background will be discovered and lifted from you.   The sense of personal freedom will be both tangible and empowering.  My readings are a most beautiful form of communication with your own Self.”Tracy was born with an open channel to Source Energy.  As a small child she was aware of vibrations and frequencies around everything in her environment.  Her family just smiled when she would tell them she was listening to a flower in her yard – she really was!   Light Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters and Gentle Guides walk with her and always have.

She has offered readings for over 25 years in Key West, Florida.  She was the “resident psychic” at The Banyon Resort, The Galleon Resort,  The Hyatt  and Coconut Palms Resort and was invited weekly to offer readings to their guests.  Tracy also gave readings on air on Channel 5 TV.   She has an international clientele who continue to reach out to her for guidance. Readings are available in person and by telephone.

Come for a reading. It will be beautiful.”

Love, Tracy